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Thank You  Arrowhead Country club for supporting your friends and neighbors who are battling cancer!

Dates:  December 6th-20th. Just in time for Christmas and Hanukah.

Join Barbara and Jack Kavanagh, Arrowhead Country Club members and Celebrate the Holidays at the ACC Silent Auction, downstairs in the Clubhouse Golf Facilities, and additional items available online. 

Barbara and Jack on aztv Nov 8th

A very special Thanks to everyone who attended our free conference on Oct 26th “Navigating the Cancer System”


Our Mission

To Provide the Education and Resources that Build Critical Cancer Caregiving Skills, in the Cancer Caregivers, Cancer Patients, other Families, and the Cancer Care Professionals. To Build Awareness, to Advocate for and Promote Collaboration that improves Treatment, Quality of Life for the Cancer Caregivers and the Cancer Patients.

Voice of the Patient – AZBio Sept 30
Life Experience Spotlight: Jack & Barbara Kavanagh

Upcoming Events

Arizona’s 4th Annual
Cancer Caregivers Week

November 11th – 18th

We invite cancer patients, families, friends, and neighbors to ‘thank’ a ‘cancer caregiver’ November 11th-18th. And, Honor and Remember our Veterans too.

October 26th – Cancer Caregivers of AZ and Triage Cancer Presents “Navigating the Cancer System”

September 20th – Barbara Kavanagh on AzTV between 9-10am. Topic:’Navigating the Cancer System’ Free, Seminar, October 26th, Phoenix

September 30th – Jack and Barbara present at the Azbio Annual Conference, as part of the ‘voices’ of a cancer patient and cancer caregiver.


Presenting Partners

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The Cancer Caregivers’ Education Program is unique. It is designed to….

The new Virtual Cancer Caregivers Education Program, VCCEP®, will include Educational Modules, that provide easy access to resources, and also continuing advocacy cancer patients and caregivers.

You can help us to provide education and resources to Cancer Caregivers and Cancer patients.

Our Goal $25k

$14,000 Raised

33 Donors

Barbara Kavanagh on the Daily Mix

Barbara Kavanagh with Brad Perry on aztv’s Daily Mix  to talk about a free conference coming up, “Navigating the Cancer System.” The event takes place October 26, 2022 from 8am – 2:30pm at the J. Orin Edison Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute at the ASU Downtown Campus. 

The State of Arizona Declares
“The 4th Annual
Cancer Caregivers
Awareness Week”
November 11 - 18, 2022

Thank you to the Governor for recognizing the importance of Cancer Caregivers who are also ‘First Responders at Home’.

Virtual Honor Wall

Cancer Caregiver Az’s Honor Wall was developed as a way for family and friends to honor and remember their loved ones who have been touched by cancer.

Donate $150 in honor of a loved one or just ‘donate’ even if you do not wish to write a tribute. $25, $50, $100, or any amount.

Caregivers Survey

We welcome your caregiver ‘feedback’ so that we can continue moving forward in making our cancer caregiver programs even more effective both for caregivers as well as the patients they ‘care for’.

Please fill out the caregiver survey . If you don’t choose to answer some of the questions, or wish to add information,that is fine. You can include your name or not.We will collate the responses and share the ‘results’ both on our website and in the Book.

Spring 2023 Book Release
“Living with Cancer, a
CareGivers Journey©”

My writing journey is well underway! Watch for my new book, Living with Cancer, a CareGivers Journey© to be available in the spring of 2023. The goal of this project is to provide insights and resources that will lead the reader to be a more educated cancer patient and a more effective cancer caregiver.

It has been a 30-year journey that has taken us to 5 countries and 3 U.S. states. Over the years, my husband and I have had to find oncologists wherever we lived.

Your Story is Important

We invite cancer caregivers/families to send us your story of how you have coped with your loved one’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. And, please offer your own ‘advice’ and suggestions for what others can do to help.

All of your stories are important to us, and may be selected for future newsletters, the  Book, and/or on our website. We will not include your name unless we have your written permission.

Maximum words: 300

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