Spring, A time of Hope and Renewal!

March is my time to Celebrate the coming of Spring and my Birthday! I was so grateful to share my special day with my husband, ‘children’ and grandchildren in Pasadena, California. It is also a Celebration of 28 years since Jack was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. And, like so many of ‘you’, our life was changed forever.

Cancer is an awful disease to face, but thankfully there are so many more resources available  now to patients and caregivers. We have more new treatments, new research and more opportunities to get the help we need. We can ask for a 2nd opinion, which we discussed in our February newsletter. Or, go online and ‘check out’ the services being offered at the different cancer treatment facilities.

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Most of all, Jack and I wish you a Happy Spring! Get out and enjoy a Baseball Game- Jack’s favorite pastime… or an Awesome Concert like Garth Brooks, which was my Birthday present! Enjoy your good days and time together. Having fun is the Best ‘Medicine’ of all!

Spring! A Time of Hope and Renewal – Blog

Barbara Kavanagh, MSW
Founder and CEO, AzMN® and Cancer Caregivers AZ®

Barbara featured in March 2019 Conquer Magazine article

As caregivers to cancer, we know that when it comes to health care costs, every dollar counts. We are proud to support HB 2166, which puts patients first and bans an unfair insurance practice. Watch this video on what HB 2166 will fix here in Arizona (https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/patients-caught-in-the-middle-of-co-pay-battle/1846136889)

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