Covid Questionnaire

Dear Friend,
Please help us learn from this devastating Pandemic that has changed all of our lives. Answer what you want or just write a few sentences about your COVID experience. I would like to share the information, not your name, in my Book which will be including some of the advances in cancer research as well as viral diseases and also the diverse effects of COVID in all areas of our life and work.

How did COVID Affect your life ? 2020

This information is confidential and won’t include any identifying material. And if you just want to answer a few questions or write a paragraph about your own COVID experience, that is fine.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hopefully, we can not only Survive, but learn ways to make our lives better and help others as well. Even if you don’t answer this questionnaire, I am here to help you in any way possible, just email or call me.

Sincerely, Barbara Kavanagh
Cancer caregiver since 1991 for my husband, Jack, a myeloma patient.    623 466 6246