Free Cancer Caregivers Seminar “Coping with Cancer for the Holidays”

December 7, 2019

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Fall Cancer Caregivers Conference “Recognizing Young People as Caregivers Too!”

Oct. 20, 2018

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Spring Cancer Caregivers Conference “An Individual Doesn’t Get Cancer… A Family Does”

March 18, 2018

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Cancer Caregivers Conference

“Youth are Cancer Caregivers Too!”
Content designed with the whole family of caregivers in mind.

Date: Sat, Oct 20, 2018
Time: 9 am – 1 pm (buffet continental breakfast & box lunch provided)
Where: Embassy Suites by Hilton Phoenix-Scottsdale
4415 E Paradise Village Pkwy S.
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Past Activities & Events

DateActivity TypeActivity / Event
October 20, 2018Cancer Caregiver ConferenceFall Cancer Caregivers Conference
Aug 31, 2018“FUN”draisingDoglicious Hot Dogs
Apr 28, 2018Cancer Caregiver ConferenceHelping a loved one with cancer deal with side effects.
Jan 20, 2018Golf FundraiserOut Drive Cancer Charity Golf Classic At Stone Creek Golf Club, Phoenix
Mar 24, 2018Cancer Caregiver ConferenceHow to identify and manage stress
Dec 2, 2017Cancer Caregiver ConferenceCancer Caregiving is a Family Affair”
Sep 30, 2017Cancer Caregiver ConferenceHelping the Cancer Caregiver in the Workplace
Jun 3, 2017Cancer Caregiver Conferencecommunication strategies to help you, help the cancer patient
Mar 18, 2017Cancer Caregiver ConferenceHow to help the patient with Breakthrough Cancer Pain
Feb 11, 2017Cancer Caregiver ConferenceHealthy relationships lead to a healthier you.
Dec 3, 2016Cancer Caregiver ConferenceEase & Relieve Holiday stress
Oct 15, 2016Golf FundraiserOut Drive Cancer Charity Golf Classic At McCormick Ranch, Phoenix
Sep 17, 2016Cancer Caregiver ConferenceHow to survive as a Cancer Caregiver
Jun 18, 2016Cancer Caregiver ConferenceSelf care isn't Self-Ish - its required for your own wellbeing
Apr 23, 2016Cancer Caregiver ConferenceCommunication skills to get what YOU need
Feb 20, 2016Cancer Caregiver ConferenceNavigating the Healthcare System
Dec 5, 2015Cancer Caregiver ConferenceIt's essential! Treat yourself to "Me Time".
Nov 14, 2015Golf FundraiserOut Drive Cancer Charity Golf Classic At McCormick Ranch, Phoenix
Apr 18, 2015Cancer Caregiver ConferenceUnderstanding your new Role as Cancer Caregiver
Feb 18, 2015Cancer Caregiver ConferenceCancer Caregiving 101
Jan 31, 2015Cancer Caregiver ConferenceCancer Caregiver Burden - What to expect
Nov 8, 2014Golf FundraiserOut Drive Cancer Charity Golf Classic At McCormick Ranch, Phoenix