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This program is created by Arizona Myeloma Network (AZMN) 

Our promise is to educate cancer caregivers to improve patient outcomes.

Course topics originated through personal experiences and attendee feedback and evaluations.

Each Topic has multiple ‘take-aways’ that the attendee can adopt, explore and put into action immediately.

When Cancer Enters the Workplace EVERYONE Suffers!

Employers know how much it costs them in lost productivity and absenteeism when someone is the primary caregiver for a cancer patient.

Cancer Caregivers & Patients know how financially devastating the disease could be on the whole family.

Our specialized training “When Cancer Enters the Workplace” addresses this issue from all perspectives.

Program Concepts and Quality Pledge

We are committed to delivery relevant, timely and accurate information. We not only provide information but we train attendees how to apply what they learn to their unique situation.

This program involves a careful examination of the impact caring for a cancer patient has on the families of the patient and caregiver.

Emphasis is on how your caregiving role impacts your wellbeing and provides the basic skills necessary to minimize stressful or challenging situations.

It is designed for cancer caregivers to learn how to provide the best care possible with the least amount of discomfort.

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