Topics may be mixed and matched without pre-requisites. All may be tailored to specific audiences. All topics are great for a series of 50-minute Munch and Learns Onsite.

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TopicLearning Objective
Caregiver Burden Understand and deal with challenges throughout various phases of the cancer experience and how they may significantly impact how you function daily and your quality of life
Communication Skills Provides tips for effective communication skills to keep relationships cooperative and less stressful
Tools To Enhance Communicating Needs Provides discussion and demonstration of communication skills that will improve ability to listen, reflect, and summarize which can reduce distressful emotions
Reduce Distress Explains cancer caregivers distress, how to identify signs and symptoms and identifies at least one new strategy to reduce distress
Limited Thinking Assess limited thinking patterns that are important in identifying major causes of depression and anxiety
Problem Solving Discusses effective problem solving to assist in reducing distress including identifying underlying issues
Relationship Types Defines different types of relationships: Competitive Relationships, Independent Relationships, Cooperative Relationships
Self-Care Addresses the caregivers needs from the following perspectives: Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritually
SurvivorshipAssists attendees in understanding the impact cancer caregiving has on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual functioning
Navigate the Healthcare System Provides the Cancer Caregiver with understanding of how to navigate the healthcare system to find information
How to help your loved one deal with Side Effects Provides insights as to drug side effects and what to do to minimize discomfort. Understand why the patient’s behavior changed, why they aren’t hungry or always tired.
Breakthrough Cancer Pain Provides an understanding of what Breakthrough pain is, how to understand what the patient is feeling and what to do to minimize discomfort
When Cancer Enters the HomeCancer happens to the immediate and extended family. How to get everyone to share the care.
When Cancer Enters the WorkplaceLearn your rights, how to approach your employer and more
For Men ONLY!Men give care and accept care differently and that's a good thing
Cancer Caregiver SurvivorshipWhat happens when the Caregiving ends?
Recognizing Youth as the cancer caregiverAn individual doesn’t get cancer, a Family does. Helping young cancer caregiver cope and adapt to the challenges.