Dear Friends:

We look back on the ‘year that was’ and feel grateful that we did ‘Survive’ and are still Surviving. Not without pain, fear, loss, loneliness but also with new knowledge, understanding and awe. We saw advances in the research and treatment of COVID and also in cancer. We also learned that through collaboration and dedication, so much more can be accomplished. For cancer patients and caregivers, we had to be even more vigilant to stay strong and safe. We are very fortunate to have the scientists, medical staff, healthcare professionals and all of the 1st Responders who have been there for us. We now have better ‘tools’ for treating this devastating Virus and Vaccines that will save lives, jobs, and help us return to a new ‘normal’. 

We have heard from many of you that you are concerned about getting the vaccine. Some of you are choosing to ‘wait’. It is your choice. But, we hope that you will look at the links on our website with the latest facts and information from leading scientific resources. Jack and I have had our 1st shot and will have the 2nd one this week. We have had no negative effects and are still remaining careful. We feel that it is the right decision for us and one that makes us feel less anxious. We recently had the opportunity to appear on aztv about Cancer and COVID. 

We appreciated this opportunity to share our own experience and advice with other cancer patients and families. Before you make any decision, be sure to talk to your doctor. And, remember that regardless of the vaccine, you need to continue a healthy lifestyle: eat right. get your sleep, get outdoors if possible, and communicate with friends and family even if it is only virtually. A reminder to all of the caregivers out there:’If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of someone else’. And, we are always available by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Warm Regards, Barbara and Jack 
623 570 0371

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